TJMF 2011 annual lecture poster

This years lecture had the title “Profit, Success & Happiness: Can you have it all?”. My posters were a take on the keyword “awareness”. Continue Reading →

TJMF website

The redesign of the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation website is flexible enough to deliver a wide range of content including news, publications, events and resources. Continue Reading →

AGDA Poster Annual 2011

The theme for the 2011 AGDA Poster Annual is “Inspired by Music”. Entrants are invited to be inspired and interpret this theme however they wish. Continue Reading →

My Tax Debt website

My Tax Debt is a website for a business that specialises in helping businesses that are in financial difficulties to resolve their problems. Continue Reading →

Barley’s Angels Australia website

Barley’s Angels is the consumer leg of the Pink Boots Society®. Started in America, it is committed to involving women in the enjoyment of craft beer by creating environments where women can learn more about beer in a friendly, educational and supportive atmosphere. Continue Reading →

Vietnam photos

After working at Middletons for nearly six years I decided to travel for a while to see what inspiration I might find out there in the big wide world. Here is a small selection of photos from the three month trip.

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Australian Open ad campaign 2011

The theme for this years Australian Open ad campaign was to bring more visual interest to the straight talking message. Continue Reading →

AGDA Poster Annual 2010

Sometimes design is a simple and elegant as letting you know which way to open a door. Which door you choose to open is up to you. Continue Reading →

Middletons Visual Identity Guideline

The Middletons Visual Identity Guideline was designed as a comprehensive brand education tool.

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Australian Open client invites

Client invite design in keeping with the 2010 Australian Open advertising theme. It incorporated a map on the reverse side that showed the client where they were to go using stickers. Each of over 300 invites is personalised with the individual’s name, dining and tennis options.

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Australian Open ad campaign

This years Australian Open official program advertising campaign has seen a return to Middletons’ straight talking roots. The print campaign has focused on the theme “that’s all we need to say”. Continue Reading →

Origami wedding invites

Wedding invite and collateral designed around the theme of origami and cherry blossoms.

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Anna Witte textiles photography

Using some contrasting settings in Melbourne metro to highlight the colours and patterns in the textiles designs of Anna Witte. Anna reupholstered the chair herself. Which is very impressive if you ask me.

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FebFast annual report

FebFast invites people to sacrifice their alcohol intake during the shortest month of the year, and at the same time, raise funds to support organisations working to reduce alcohol and other drug related harms in young people through research, prevention and service delivery activities.

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To the power of…

The 4th Australian Poster Annual asked designers to consider a multidimensional brief, responding to the festival manifesto, ‘Strength in Numbers’. Continue Reading →

Middletons corporate merchandise

A creative range of corporate merchandise developed with considerable budget restrictions.

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India photos

In September and November 2008 we had a “girls own adventure” through India.

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Middletons UK recruitment advertising campaign

The UK recruitment campaign was developed with the brief “what do expats really miss?”.

Feedback from Michael Page indicated that the adverts had been highly successful. Part of their success could be due to the fact they were published during the UK winter.

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Australian Open ad campaign

The 2008 Australian Open ad campaign was developed under the theme of “The Middletons Tennis Tantrum Festival”

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Science illustrations

Illustrations commissioned as artwork for the new CSIRO offices at Clayton in Melbourne. Each was to represent a different area of science that the Clayton division practiced.

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Lizard illustration

A photo-realistic illustration of a lizard using watercolour pencils. Highlights were added with white acrylic paint.

Stippling illustration

Illustration creating using a stippling technique. Each square centimetre using a slightly different line, hash or dot. Quite labour intensive as you can imagine.